How to find the emails of all employees of the company?

How to find the emails of all employees of the company?

In this blog post, we embark on a quest to unveil the secrets of acquiring the email addresses of all employees within a company.

Whether you're a marketer searching for potential leads, a professional looking to connect with colleagues, or a curious mind eager to learn about the intricacies of email discovery, this comprehensive guide will equip you with practical strategies and invaluable tips to unravel this enigma.

There are several ways to find the emails of all employees of a company:

  1. Company website: Many companies list the contact information of their employees, including email addresses, on their websites. This information can often be found on the "Contact Us" or "About Us" pages of the website.
    You can use this Chrome extension to scrape the emails from the website you visited, Email Extractor

  2. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional networking site that can be a valuable resource for finding the emails of employees of a specific company. Searching for the company and its employees on LinkedIn can often provide you with the email addresses of those employees.

  3. Search Engines: You can use search engines such as Google to search for the company's email format, for example, "", and use that pattern to guess the email addresses of employees.

  1. Email Hunter: There are email hunter services that use web scraping techniques to automatically collect email addresses from a specific website or webpage. For example,,,

  1. Email Permutation software: There is software that uses the first and last name of an employee and the company's email format to generate an email address for that employee.

  2. Publicly available information: Some public records, like business registration documents, and online business directories contain the name and email addresses of the company's officers.

It's important to note that it is illegal to use some of these methods without consent, also, it might be considered as a violation of privacy, so it's important to have a legitimate reason and follow laws and regulations that apply to sending unsolicited emails.

Bonus Video of Cold email using Apollo

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