Useful Temporary Email Services for Verfication and Testing

Useful Temporary Email Services for Verfication and Testing

UPDATED: Nov 20th 2022

A collection of useful email services that you can use to unclog your primary email.

I am going to list email services that I am using for both reading and development-related works. These services are going to increase your productivity by keeping distraction-free primary email. I highly recommend these services if you're looking for temporary or disposable email services. Please note that some services need you to register an account whereas a few need to verify your primary email address.

What is a temporary email service?

Here, I meant temporary email services are those email services that you can use for separating your primary email for testing, distraction-free newsletter subscription, alternative email services, and so on. Moreover, you could mask your primary email address from short-term surveys, just trying out apps or websites.

List of Email Services

  • Onymail -- Vanishing email addresses. Really useful if you want to set your primary email for any subscription for some period of time. No registration needed.
  • -- Disposable email service free of cost. Real case if you need a temporary email service for registering an account. No registration is needed. Note: experienced that some websites blocks account creation using disposable email.
  • Stoopinbox -- Favourite newsletter subscription service. Isolate your primary email from all the newsletter subscriptions. Registration is required. A phone App is available.
  • Protonmail -- My best choice if you're looking for an alternative to Gmail. Registration is required.
  • Ethereal -- A fake SMTP service for testing email sending. No registration is needed.

Video Walkthrough

Check out this link if you're looking for disposable phone number services. If you know of any good service that you need to see here, please contact us @

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the listed services. This is entirely for trying out the product. Always use your real phone number when necessary.

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