SERP Toolkit v2:  Google Sheet Add-on

SERP Toolkit v2: Google Sheet Add-on

I am very much excited to announce that we have launched our updated version of our SERP Toolkit Google sheet add-on.

Install from Google Workspace Marketplace

SERP Marketplace.png

What Does It Do?

SERP Toolkit for Google Sheet add-on provides you access to useful integrations and tools to make your online marketing effortless. Using SERP Toolkit, you can:

  • Bulk sends text messages from Google Sheets using Twilio.
  • Get multiple Google Search results into your Google Sheets by connecting your Serpstack account.
  • 100% secure because no API keys or confidential details are saved on third-party services.

How to Use SERP Toolkit?

After you install SERP Toolkit from Google Workspace Marketplace, it will show up on your Google Sheet add-on section.

Open Addon.png

At Makeinfo, we're adding more integrations as quickly as possible, however, our aim is not to build a full suite rather to make automation possible for our customers.

Screenshot 2.png

If you need to know more about the working of every connector or integration, check out SERP Toolkit Docs.