Reverse text formula in Google Sheet

Reverse text formula in Google Sheet

In this post, I'll show how to use the Google App script or an inbuilt function to reverse the text easily. Please note that I got the below snippets and details from different other sources. (I'll definitely tag those below as well)

Simple formula using inbuilt functions

In this case, you can use the inbuilt Google sheet formula. Check out the source page if you need to see advanced functions.

GS Reverse Text with inbuilt.gif



Custom Function using Google App Script

Here, you have to use Google App Script editor to make this custom function working. Don't worry it's easy to set up if you're a beginner.

GS Reverse Text.gif

 * Reverses the input text.
 * @param {string} input The text to reverse.
 * @return The input text reversed.
 * @customfunction
function REVERSE(string) {
  return string.split('').reverse().join('');


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