Power-Up Your Browser with BuiltWith Bookmarklet

Power-Up Your Browser with BuiltWith Bookmarklet

Are you looking to uncover the technologies used by your competitors or get insight into your favorite websites? If yes, then the BuiltWith bookmarklet is the perfect tool for you.

BuiltWith is a powerful tool that enables you to analyze the technologies used by any website. However, constantly opening a new tab and navigating to BuiltWith.com can be time-consuming. Also, I am not a great fan of their Chrome extension. That's where the BuiltWith bookmarklet comes in.

The BuiltWith bookmarklet is a simple bookmark script that you can add to your Chrome browser (not tried with others) with a new tab.
Once added to Bookmark, you can click on the BuiltWith bookmarklet while you're on a website, and it will open the BuiltWith website with the relevant information pre-populated.
This means you can get insights into the website's technologies with just a single click.

BuiltWith Script


How to Add - Video

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