Most Useful Text Expander Apps

Most Useful Text Expander Apps

Have you ever wondered if you can create short hotkeys for your daily texts? Here comes the use of text expander for saving tons of daily time.

Please note that I haven't tried some on myself.

Use Cases

  • SALES TEMPLATE: Create a shared Snippet manager across your organization that can be used as a template for email or messaging clients.

  • Coding Snippets: Your coding scripts are a few keystrokes away. Really helpful if you want DRY ;)

  • Save your personal cover letter, shared text templates, and many more.

Magical - Text Expander


This is a free Chrome Extension but with really neat use cases. My recommendation is that they're really useful for personal day-to-day activities.

Website :

Get Chrome Store Link

Text Expander

This is a premium desktop application I found that's totally used in a top-notch business environment. They have Mac OS and Windows support now. Please check their features page. The main use cases are for Sales, Customer Support, and Recruiting.

Website: Text Exapander

Text Blaze


Another free Chrome extension with hotkey compatibility. This is my go-to extension mainly because of its low size (612KiB as of today) and autopilot mode.


Chrome Store Link

If you use any of the listed apps or know any alternatives, please comment below with your suggestions and reviews.

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