Most Useful Google Calendar Tips

Most Useful Google Calendar Tips

Today's post is an excellent and most useful Google Calendar tip for everyone. The best thing about Google Calendar is its options for integrations with other apps. See this Zapier integration for getting an idea.

The listed tips are the most useful tips I thought to share. I am going to use this post for my own reference as well.

Google Calendar

Well, I don't think you might need an intro to what is Google Calendar. We all know that's it's a great tool for doing time management and scheduling service from Google.

Currently, it's available on Web, Android, iOS

Calendar Tips

All these are tested on Google Chrome

  • Create New Event Easily

Create event is by on any browser with your Google Account. new cal.gif

  • Add another notification reminder

This is really useful if you need a primary reminder just before the task or a secondary reminder couple of hours before. You can also select Notification or Email options from the dropdown. add notification.gif

  • Enable World Clock and add time zone

Great asset to have if you work in different time zones. Two timezones are available from the Calendar view. add time zonegif.gif

  • Private Calendar event

    This is useful if you don't want to share your event company-wide. image.png

  • Advanced Filter Events



You can power up your Calendar workflow using these wonderful addons.


So far I tried to point out useful Google calendar tips. You can definitely try to use this as a reference for the Calendar productivity tips.

If you have questions or need to add your tips, please use the comment section below. Please follow us to get more productivity tips.

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