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Math Expressions Calculator Chrome Extesnsion

Math Expressions Calculator Chrome Extesnsion

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Dorothi Viki
·Dec 2, 2022·

1 min read

We're excited to share that we've developed a free Chrome extension to do math experssions calculation.

Install from Google Chrome Store

What Does It Do? How It Differs?

Using Makeinfo Calculator, you can do most of the arithmatic operations, including:

  • Addition

  • Substraction

  • Division

  • Multiplication

For example, you can write expressions like this (2+3)*10 for calculation.

The main difference from other calculator is mainly on the math expression and the below image.

How To Use Makeinfo Calculator?

After you install the Makeinfo Calculator from the Chrome Store, you will get the calculator dialog box to do the BODMAS operations. You can use ()+/*^ for doing the mathematic expressions.

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