How to Create Beautiful Screenshots that Spike Your Traffic?

How to Create Beautiful Screenshots that Spike Your Traffic?

Today I'm going to show you can generate awesome screenshots that spike your app downloads or product page traffic. Moreover, I'll share some nice tools that you can use to generate screenshots.

You've to know that screenshots and product images are the most important part of your marketing pages. Also, this is the best visual way to communicate with your audience.

Things to note

  • Check for the file size limit.
  • Generate images based on the appropriate dimension. (Do not try to resize the image after exporting).
  • Messages are the real key here.
  • Can do A/B testing by re-arranging the order

App Screenshots

App Mockup: No account required. It is fast & free. Both App Store and Play Store screenshots are supported.


Website Screenshots

All our screenshots are made using Screely Chrome extension, it's an easy-to-use tool for generating awesome screenshots.


How does it work?

Some other tools that we found useful are as below:


That's all here. That's how you create awesome screenshots for your next product.

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