5 Useful Chrome Extensions to make Google Meet better

5 Useful Chrome Extensions to make Google Meet better

When it comes to Google Meet in mind, you sometimes feel that it's going to be much better if you have that enhancement tool.

Here's the list of my favorite Google Meet Chrome extension which I'm using daily. These extensions are going to make your Meeting a bit more interesting.

Note: I have no affiliation with any of the extensions below.

Useful Google Meet Chrome Extensions

Google Meet Attendance List -- Easily save your Google Meet attendance list locally to your device. Highly recommended for business professionals if you need the list of audience. It will also track the first seen and total duration in call time.

Google Meet Push-To-Talk -- Use the space key for talking on your Google Meet.

Google Meet Enhancement Suite -- There are about 40 super cool enhancement features with this extension, for example, Quick Leave, Leave Confirmation, Open Meet links in the desktop app, and so on. Useful if you're using Google Meet the majority of your time.

Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet [Not working anyone] -- Create your background and change your default background easily. Not a must-have extension, but useful if you've felt bored with the default backgrounds.

Mute All on Meet -- Mute all users on Google Meet with just one click!

Please note, that you've to read the privacy policies yourself before starting to use them.



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