Find Publicly Available Spreadsheets using Google Search

Find Publicly Available Spreadsheets using Google Search

Today, I am going to show an efficient way to find spreadsheet templates with Google search.

I remember that if I want to get spreadsheet templates from Google search, I have to go through every single search result and see if there is any spreadsheet attached to it. This was really a time taking and frustrating process.

Later, I found out this neat Google trick on how to search your topic directly on Google.

Search Query

Use the below-listed query when doing a Google search. Change query and the site link based on your requirements.

site: intitle:{query}



Use Cases

  • CRM template

  • Payroll template

  • Influencers

  • Checklist


A simple google search on this topic showed me, Google Enhancer

Check out this website to see advanced google search queries.

Let me know if you've any other tool in mind to make an advanced Google search. Please note that I got the idea for this article from @stephsmithio's Twitter thread.