How to Copy from Protected Google Sheets

How to Copy from Protected Google Sheets

In this post, I'm going to personally review a Chrome extension that you can use to print protected Google Sheets: Enable Spreadsheet Copy.

This is a free and open-source project. You can see the [source code here (

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 8.56.20 PM.png

Works with Google Sheets, which disabled the following criteria:

  • Make a duplicate page
  • Print option
  • Copy option

Before getting into the details about the installation, basically, this extension opens a preview of that protected Google Sheet. You can use {Google Sheet}/preview to make this works, however, you don't need to remember the URL when using this extension. I am also planning to make it available on MIApps.


You can install the extension from here

How It Works

Now, Open the Google Sheet link and then use the extension to view the preview sheet. Copy the contents from the opened page and then paste that contents into a new Google Sheet to print from there.

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 9.00.11 PM.png


Would be great to know if you like this quick product review. Please use the comment section to share your suggestions.

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