How to get AWS Access keys?

How to get AWS Access keys?

If you're a software developer and then you definitely come across AWS and their Identity management. In this article, I will explain how to get AWS security credentials from the AWS console. If you're looking for a video tutorial, check the reference section below.

You can use these AWS access keys for the AWS CLI or AWS API. There are two keys generated: one is an access key and a secret access key. Check this documentation from Amazon to know more about their usage.

Steps to follow

1) Sign in to your AWS console, then select My Security Credentials from the account dropdown. AWS Security Credentials 01.png

2) After that, click on the Create New Access Key button to generate a new key. AWS Security Credentials 02.png

3) Download the access key and store it securely because you cannot retrieve the access keys if you lost them. I would recommend using Lastpass or 1Password to store these keys securely. AWS Security Credentials 03.png



Using AWS in your project is a great skill to acquire right now. Finally, you see how to get AWS access keys right from the AWS console dashboard.

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